July 08, 2019

One may ask, "What's a day in the life at Big Sky Bread?" 

Well, let us tell you. Big Sky bakers wake up around 4:30 am to begin their morning routine, whether it's enjoying coffee, catching up on the news or making lunch for little ones. Next stop, our bakers head to the bakery and arrive between 5:30 - 6 am  to get the mixing started. 

First, our bakers typically begin mixing all sweet ingredients and separate fillings together for Big Sky's infamous cookies and tea rings. They carefully form the cookie dough balls and place them on the pan to be moved to oven. 

The tea rings are not far behind. After rolling out our danish dough and filling with a fresh fruit mixture, the bakers roll, slice and form the rings. Cookies are taken out of the oven and tea rings are in! While the cookies cool and the tea rings bake, the bread prep begins. 

All ingredients for each type of bread separately take a turn in the mixer until a perfect dense dough forms. After mixer, each dough is set aside to begin proofing. 

Up next, the bakers move the dough to our long assembly table where they weigh, prep, roll out, slice and finally transfer dough to single serve loaf pans. 

What's next? You guessed it- oven time! Our bread stays in the oven around 30 min until the loaves have risen. 

While our bakers wait, they squeeze in a quick break for "lunch", usually around 10 am since they've been up since sunrise. In any other spare time, bakers take inventory, fill online orders and place orders for more ingredients. 

Now that the bread is out of the oven, we let it cool and then move on to slicing and bagging. It's exactly as it sounds. Our bakers send each loaf of bread through a slicer and then bag each loaf and seal it with our Big Sky label. 

After bagging all products from the day, our team begins cleaning the kitchen and prepping for the next day before heading home around 2 pm. 

At Big Sky, we love what we do and are honored to wake up and bake for others to enjoy. 

One of our bakers, Caitlin, shared her love for baking: “A friend just mentioned how important it is to have passion in what you do. Mine is baking. It’s my niche. Our passion at Big Sky Bread Company is to hand make every loaf that you take home to enjoy. It’s not made by machines. It’s made by hands that take pride in the gift God has given them. I’m thankful for my passion of baking and where it has led and will continue to lead me. Place your order at bigskybreadcompany.com” - @caitbakedthis .

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