about us

our passion is making simple and healthy food that tastes great

Ever since we opened in 1994 we've used only the very best, all natural ingredients from around the world. The best ingredients means the best taste.

We hope you enjoy our baked goods as much as we enjoy baking them for you.

Patti and Jeff

our original bakery in mountain brook village, Alabama

In 1994, we opened a small bakery in Mountain Brook Village. From day one we realized our passion and love for simple, all natural, whole grain baked goods was shared by many. This year we're celebrating our 28th year of baking!

At Big Sky, we make bread the old-fashioned way. The way it used to be made. The way it's supposed to be made. We use only the very best, all-natural ingredients and never cut any corners. Everything's just pure and simple.

they don't make bread like they used to... we do!

Our secret ingredient is stone ground wheat from northern Montana. That's where the family-owned farms that grow our premium, high protein wheat are located, an area known around the world as the Golden Triangle.

With our premium, stone ground wheat and the freshest all-natural ingredients, it all adds up to nutritious, great tasting bread.

The Best Bread Under The Sky.


Big Sky is located in Liberty Park in one of the most beautiful buildings in Birmingham. It's called SmoothRock. 

SmoothRock is more than a physical destination. It is an emotional and spiritual destination. More than a place on the map, but a place in the mind, in the body, in the spirit. 

Vestavia Hills Magazine calls SmoothRock a "sophisticated treehouse". Big Sky is located on the courtyard level with a window overlooking beautiful tree tops. The delicious aromas of the SmoothRock Cafe and fresh baked bread will overload your senses. Once you step inside SmoothRock you won’t want to leave. It’s heaven.

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Nutritional Information

For a complete listing of ingredients and nutrition facts for all of our baked goods, please click below.

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