Our original bakery in Mountain Brook Village, Alabama

Thirty years ago, we opened a small bakery in Mountain Brook Village. From day one we realized our passion and love for simple, all natural, whole grain baked goods was shared by many.

At Big Sky, we make bread the old-fashioned way. The way it used to be made. The way it's supposed to be made. We use only the very best, all-natural ingredients and never cut any corners. Everything's just pure and simple.

We hope you enjoy our baked goods as much as we enjoy baking them for you.

Patti, Jeff and Michelle

Baking granola, circa 1994

Milling whole grain wheat

When we opened thirty years ago, we'd begin every morning stone milling whole grain wheat in our small bakery. During the holidays we'd mill over 1,000 lbs. a day.

Stone milled flour is more nutritious since it's milled at a low temperature. Commercial flour is pulverized by large, high heat steel drums that burn up the nutrients and destroy the natural flavor of the grain.

Today, we still use premium stone milled wheat flour sourced from one of our select ingredient suppliers.