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Big Sky Bread: 5 Benefits of Whole Wheat Bread

Baking - it's what we do, it's what we love and it's what we are passionate about. At Big Sky Bread, we pride ourselves in using all-natural ingredients with no preservatives. 

There is consistent evidence that whole grain foods substantially lower the risk of chronic diseases such as CHD, diabetes, and cancer and also play a role in body weight management and digestive health.

Here are 5 benefits of eating our whole wheat Three Seed Bread: 

1. Whole grains make you feel full - preventing overeating. Whole wheat bread is full of fibers which fill you up quickly and, in the long run, reduce your risk of obesity.

2. Whole wheat bread also contains more folic acid and iron, two nutrients that support oxygen circulation by aiding in red blood cell growth.

3. Whole grains can help lower cholesterol. Exercise and a balanced diet rich in high-fiber foods, such as whole-wheat bread, are crucial when it comes to managing and maintaining your cholesterol

4. Full of nutrients! Big Sky's whole wheat bread contains fiber and other healthy plant compounds. 

5. Whole wheat bread can help regulate blood sugar. One of the benefits of whole grains is that compared to refined grains, they help keep your blood glucose from spiking, which can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, among other things.

5 Health Benefits of Big Sky's Three Seed Bread


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