Healthy Foods to Eat to Aid Flu Recovery

Big Sky Bread: A Flu Recovery Guide

Flu season is upon us and we're here to give you some helpful tips and food options that may aid recovery.

According to Medical News Today, here are a few foods that will help you bounce back: 

1. Bland Foods- such as toast or brown rice. Shop our bread collection for a variety of bread and toast options. That's what we're here for - your nourishment. 

2. Leafy Greens- Leafy greens contain plenty of fiber, which aids digestion.

3. Fruits High in Vitamin C- Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C help support the immune system

4. Ginger- Ginger may help relieve any nausea that accompanies the flu.

5. Yogurt- Eating yogurt that contains live bacteria may help fight off the flu. Check out one of our favorite yogurt toppings -our hearty granola

We encourage you to continue washing your hands, drink plenty of water and hope you stay safe during this season! 


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