Big Sky Bread Granola - Seed Health Benefits

Did you know?

Did you know sesame and sunflower seeds have amazing health benefits? Our granolas' are packed with both types of seeds, and while you snack and go, you're also doing your body a big favor! Here are a few reasons why seeds are so beneficial to your overall health. 

1. Huge source of fiber. Yes, please! Fiber is well known for supporting digestive health. 

2. Sesame seeds are high in Magnesium which could lead to lower blood pressure. 

3. Sunflower seeds include both zinc and selenium which increase your immune system and increase your ability to fight off viruses. 

4. Sesame seeds and their oil could also fight inflammation. 

5. Seeds in general can help reduce cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. 

Order your bag of Big Sky Granola today and treat your body while you treat yo' self! 

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