To freeze or not to freeze? A thought on Freezing your Big Sky Bread.

To freeze or not to freeze? A thought on freezing your Big Sky Bread.

Have you ever been grocery shopping and realized your eyes were more hungry than your stomach? For example, let's say you buy three loaves of bread and before you know it the expiration date is creeping up and you still have a loaf and a half left. We are here to tell you not to fret!

Simply wrap your bread in a tight sealed bag to prevent freezer burn, and say hello to your new best friend that will savor your bread for weeks to come- your freezer. Some people don't know about this handy trick, or if you have heard of freezing bread you may be skeptical if you haven't tried it yet. 

Freezing bread is easy, smart and keeps your loaf lasting up to around three months with the same great quality and taste. 

There are many ways to defrost your loaf:

1. Toasted- When you're ready to enjoy your frozen goodness, grab as many slices as you would like, pop in the toaster and enjoy just as if it was fresh out of the bag. Get creative with your toppings to bring your toast to life.

2. Microwave- Place your individual slices uncovered on a plate and zap for about 15-20 seconds. Easy as that! 

3. Oven- Don't have a microwave? Turn your oven to 350 and place loaves on baking sheet and heat for a few minutes. 

With your defrosted bread you can soak it for a nice French toast, chop into cubes for homemade croutons or merely use for pure sandwich enjoyment. 

Important to note: According to Pure Wow, bread shouldn’t be refrozen, so only thaw what you’re going to eat..It’ll harden quickly if it isn’t eaten before then. You also shouldn’t refreeze bread that’s been defrosted. Heating it up releases its moisture and you won’t be able to get it back after a second stint in the freezer.

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