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Why You Shouldn't Shy from Rye

When it comes to bread there are many options, but let us explain why you shouldn't shy from rye. Not only does our sourdough rye have wonderful health benefits but it's also loaded with FLAVOR of onions, caraway seeds, and sauerkraut - wowza!

Here are 5 reasons why we love rye:

1. Assists Digestive Health: the bacteria-yeast composition will start to breakdown the starches found in the grains before it even reaches your stomach. That means there is way less work to be done, making it much easier on your gut.

2Nutritious: sourdough bread is particularly rich in nutrients that the body can easily absorb. This is due to the way that the lactic acid bacteria in the bread interacts with these nutrients.

3. Lower Blood Sugar Levels: compared to other types of bread, sourdough is fermented in a way that depletes bad starches within it, meaning your blood sugar won't rise drastically upon eating a slice or two. 

4. Healthy Bacteria: sourdough bread is fermented in a way that fosters more beneficial bacteria in the bread and in your body when you eat it.

5. It's Timeless: sourdough bread is the oldest yeasted bread we know dating back to as early as ancient Egyptian times and comes from a very "natural" origin. The fact that we've been eating sourdough bread for thousands of years shows that this bread has stood the test of time. 

There you have it folks- let the facts speak for themselves. Big Sky Sourdough Rye isn't only delicious but it's great for you too! 


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